Miniature Schnauzers pepper & salt

We have been breeding miniature schnauzers since 2000. We breed about one or two litter in a year. On this page you can meet the schnauzers we own or some we have bred.

Most of our breeding dogs are co-owned. In our family there lives four pepper & salt miniature schnauzers and one apricot dwarf poodle. They live together with us in our house. We go daily jogging with them and we also try do some agility and obedience.



FI CH Unicum Astronaut
Gregory Rezlark


Andalbagat Czarina Charm
Andalbagat Fannie Maie


SE CH Chelines Piggy-Man 
AGI3 Willy Lee Svetlana-Pepper
AGI3 Andalbagat Perla
FI CH EEJW-06 Fame Rezlark

Andalbagat Miniature Schnauzers

FI & EE CH Andalbagat Ödlingur
Andalbagat Ainokaunokainen
Andalbagat Dramatic Rain´n Fame

Miniature Schnauzers we have owned

FI CH AGI3 Top Target Fantasy Story

In Memoriam

AGI1 TOKO1 Willy Lee Yasmin-Pepper
FI CH AGI1 Andalbagat Skotta